Skin Treatments


Skin Treatments

It can be minefield working your way through a saturated market of skin care. After 12 years’ experience and exposure to a number of skincare ranges Define have hand selected OBAGI Medical skin care as their ‘Rolls Royce range.’

With over 30 years clinical data this world-wide recognised and award-winning range of products come highly formulated at prescription strength and physician dispensed only. The range is hugely effective in treating a variety of skin care problems requiring prescription strength intervention such as;

*Acne and acne Scarring

* Photo damage (discolouration of the skin, age spots)

* Hyperpigmentation

* Uneven texture, crepe skin and fine lines


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Training Academy

Lip enhancement masterclass for doctors, nurses and dentists

Skin Treatments

An intense skin restoration kit. The highest strength formulation of prescription-only skin care to address skin ageing, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin including acne scarring. If you are ready to commit to this intense skin restoration programme, start your journey now to reveal new, healthier, plumper, hydrated skin. A full physical assessment is required along with follow up appointments before a simple ongoing maintenance programme is provided. 

Adult acne is on the rise, with the average age of acne sufferers being 27 years old. This three-step intense kit to help control acne, oily skin, and soften post inflammatory pigmentation, secondary to acne or skin trauma. Define strongly advocate and promote the use of this simple kit for those suffering with acne or acne prone skin.  

The Obagi-C RX system combines both the benefits of prescription strength hydroquinone and 10% pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) to address the signs of skin damage, discolouration and hyperpigmentation. Define manage numerous patients suffering with hyperpigmentation and still as yet to find a skincare kit/range that offers results comparable or even close to Obagi-C RX

The perfect solution for younger patients, or those wanting to introduce their skin to a unique, combination range of effective ingredients as an early intervention for loss of radiance, minimal lines, dull complexion and dry skin. Contains 3 key skin care essentials – exfoliating cleanser, Retinol and a broad spectrum SPF 30.

Profhilo® is an innovative injectable, 5 minute treatment coined the ‘holy grail of Skincare’

Celebrities, skincare experts and aesthetic medical practitioners are raving about the results this simple and safe treatment offers!

Profhilo is made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar chain molecule found within the skin and throughout the body. A water binding lubricant, this product draws 1000 times its own weight in water when administered into the skin, offering a surge in skin hydration, an improvement in loss of elasticity and an overall skin glow that has resulted in this rising star product become one of the most sought after treatments at Define for both men and women.

 If you have any of the following concerns, Profhilo is for you!

Rejuvenate tired, dull and ageing skin

Increase hydration levels and plumpness to the skin

Increase firmness and elasticity by plumping the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Natural looking results to reveal healthier, softer, younger looking skin

FORMA   ‘The Celebrity endorsed ‘Red carpet mini face lift and glow’


  • Forma uses the power of high tech and audio frequency (RF) energy to deliver exceptional skin, tissue and collagen remodelling. The subdermal heating applicator delivers radiofrequency via electrodes to ensure maximum effect without the discomfort!
  • Forma effectively treats , nose to mouth lines and neck. A fantastic non-invasive solution for the whole face.
  • Essential pre-event treatment for brighter and tighter skin.
  • For a fresher, smoother and tighter skin, contact us today!




This breakthrough Intensed Pulse Light (IPL) treatment is 3 x more powerful than other standard IPL treatments available.  Optimised to treat a number of skin surface concerns   with Improved efficacy for vascular and pigmentated lesions, less treatment sessions are needed. Common treatment areas include, face, neck decollate and hands. Take the new glowing collagen restoration as a welcome additional result of undergoing this treatment!

  • Results can be seen in as little as 1-3 sessions!

Prices start from £250 – Discounted courses apply.

We are delighted to offer the latest ground-breaking, innovative technology designed to TIGHTEN, LIFT AND RESURFACE the skin,   MORPHEUS 8 is FDA approved and clinically proven to be the most powerful form of fractional radiofrequency (RF) technology combined with micro needling, designed to REMODEL FACIAL, NECK AND BODY tissue.

View Morpheus 8

Lip masterclass @ Define 1:1 or Small Group Bookings.


Something you need to ask?

Feel free to contact, and I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Lip enhancement course

Thank you for your interest in an advanced Lip Masterclass with Define By Marie Dolan.

Marie Dolan is a Registered General Nurse and Independent Nurse Prescriber with over 12 years’ experience in administering a whole range of anti-ageing treatments, advanced cosmetic injections and expert  lip enhancement procedures. Marie has a real passion for her work, not least, lip enhancement procedures.

Having worked on a national level for a well-known chain of aesthetic clinics as clinical lead nurse overseeing 23 clinics across the UK and Ireland whilst supporting, teaching, and managing a dynamic   team of 13 nurses and doctors administering cosmetic injections throughout many of the flagship House of Fraser clinics, you can be assured you will  be receiving  expertise and skills  that span over a decade.        

 As well as a national training manager for an award-winning dermal cosmetics company, Marie Dolan has extensive experience in training nurses, doctors and dentists to safely and competently deliver both dermal cosmetics and facial rejuvenation.  The experience and teaching offered by Define will be invaluable to any medical practitioner wanting to offer advanced lip augmentation procedures within their practice.

Unlike many courses, Define offer a more tailored approach to the delegates needs by actively encouraging the candidate to express any particular areas they may wish to explore in more detail on the day. The day itself is very practical focused and hands on.

Either as part of a small group or 1:1 training, you can be assured you will leave the training course with a much deeper understanding of lip enhancement procedures, including assessment skills, new techniques, increased confidence and a passion for lip augmentation.

Define By Marie Dolan.

3c Shakespeare Chambers

High Street



B49 5AE

Clinic 01789 613638 

Mobile 07772 637 458


Cost –1:1 training day £795.00

Please enquire for group training days.

Payment required 14 days in advance of training date.

Please note – the training provided by Define is only available to registered doctors, nurses and dentists.

‘An incredible day learning’ This was a masterclass like no other. I didn’t want to sit with half a dozen other delegates, trawl over lip anatomy for half a day and then work on a couple of models in the afternoon. Ive been treating lips for a while now and learnt new tips, tricks and techniques from Marie who has treated 1000’s over lips over 12 years!

Thomas RGN, INP

Your Price Guide

Please note – only the premium and  branded authentic muscle relaxant product is used at Define.

1 x area £160

2 x area £240

3 x area £295

Add an additional area for only £75 (if purchased as a single treatment – £99)

Nasalis (nose whisker lines)

Mentalis – pebbled chin

Upper lip area  for ‘lipstick lines’

Nasal flare

Brow-tox lift £265

Neck cords (Platysma bands) £265 (reduced to £225 if undergoing additional treatments)

Excessive sweating (underarm hyperhidrosis)  £425

Hands and feet TBA

Jawline slimming (masseter muscle)    £275 (reduced to £250 if undergoing additional treatments)

  • Please note a thorough consultation, medical history and will be required before any treatment is provided to ensure suitability.

Facial contouring from £300

Non surgical rhinoplasty (15 minute nose job) from £250

Under eyes/tear trough treatments from £295

Cheek enhancement from £300

Chin enhancement/Jawline from £350

Mini upper face liquid lift from £495

Lower face mini liquid lift from £495

Skinboosters for ultimate skin retexturizing and hydration from £250

Discount courses apply.

Hand rejuvenation from £400

Medical grade microneedling/dermal roller from £250

Discount courses apply.


Signature lip enhancement procedures by Define from as little as

0.5cc – £175

*Special Price 0.7cc £199

1ml – £250


SCULPTRA – collagen stimulants

Sessions start from £425.00

Enquire about discounts for a course!

Leg veins (microsclerotherapy from £300

*Discount courses available


1 treatment 2 x sessions £495

£275.00 for 1 x session

Fat dissolving injections 

Sessions start from £250 and include 

Chin – submental fat reduction/chin lift 

Abdo area 


Inner/outer thighs

Back (bra area) 

* The amount of sessions will be confirmed upon assessment in consultation 

A variety of Chemical Skin Peels are available from £99

Medical grade micro needling/dermal roller from £250 – Discount courses apply.

*Please enquire if a treatment is not listed 

**Define are delighted to offer corporate rates, group bookings, BFF special rates and team bride packages. 

***Stay up to date with our monthly special offers and discounts by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Lower Face and Neck lift, Tighten and Rejuvenate from £550
  • Full-face and Neck Rejuvenation – £699 – including aftercare.

*Please enquire about our eyelift and rejuvenation packages.

*Discount courses are available for full packages. 

*Prescription courses are tailored to suit you and are advised upon your consultation. 

  • Prices start from £250 – 1-3 sessions may be required.
  • Sessions start from £199

For Skin Laxity, to achieve maximum effect, you may need a course prescribed of 4-6 over a period of time. 

*Prescription courses are tailored to suit you and advised upon your consultation.